Friday, April 29, 2016

Washi Tape Organizer

Hello and welcome here!  I just had to pop in today to share with you an amazing organization tip/find.  Now, I can't take all the credit, lol, my friend Tracey (hi Tracey!!  If you haven't checked out her blog, rush there now...she's crazy talented and makes amazing projects for Heartfelt Creations!) bought some clear 3 drawer containers from Amazon to store her Washi Tape.  Well, I'm not an Amazon shopper and was excited that she found something...mine were just smushed into a plastic container.   Well, without even trying...isn't that the best when it happens...I was browsing at Home Sense (sort of like Winners) and saw this:

It's a coffee pod organizer.  I love clear containers for my craft area so that I can easily see what's inside.  Now, it only had 2 drawers (Tracey's had 3 drawers) but I was SURE that my Washi Tape would fit.  There were only 2, so I snatched up both.

 Well, I was just tickled pink when I fit them in!!!

 It fits even the larger rolls.

And the bestest part (yes, I just typed bestest, lol), it was only $7.99.  I'm not sure how much the ones Tracey got were, but I'll take $7.99 for an awesome organization idea!!!!

The good news is I fit all my Washi Tape in, the bad good news is I have another whole container to fill!!!! 


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