Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vacation Album for the Girls

Good cheery Afternoon!!! I've been working on a couple of Photo Album's with my girls.

I realize that they are not up to true Scrapbooking par, but the girls wanted a scrapbook of photo's to share with their friends. And since I haven't been creating anything else terms of cards..., I thought I'd share just a few pages of what I have been working on. We're not quite done yet, but we're pretty close.

Enjoy.........laughing is allowed, but I can't be responsible for any injuries sustained due to falling out of your chair :)

Of course the girls have different tastes, but they wanted the same paper for the cover of their albums. They chose the fonts, the wording, and the placement of the piece on the front.

I kept the albums as simple as possible, since we were making 2 of them. So titles are handwritten, and we used only I highlight of coloured paper per page.

The girls comments I matted on black CS throughout the album.

True artists that they are, they wanted to fill whatever space they had on their comment section with pictures.

I left the grammar and spelling mistakes (unless it was really a biggie). I thought it added cuteness to the albums. Especially when they're bigger, and they have them to look back on.

My husband and I are originally from Ontario...all our family still live in the Niagara Falls, or Mississauga, or Muskoka area. Our kids were finally old enough to enjoy alot of the siteseeing things, so we fit a lot of them in while we were there this year.

Only a few more pages to go, we went camping, and to Santa's Village in Bracebridge, and we stopped at an Amethyst Mine near Thunder Bay on the way home. For the last page I have some questions I printed out for them to answer, like 'I wish I didn't.....", and "I hope to.....", and "Next time I want to......", and "I wish Manitoba had.....". (These are just a few of the questions I made up.)
I probably won't start the family scrapbook of our vacation for a while. I wouldn't let myself make a card until I got the girls' albums done, and since we're almost finished, I'm itching to make a card or two.


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