Sunday, October 03, 2021

Slimline Card Challenge

Hello and welcome here. I decided to make a second card for the Art Impressions Slimline Challenge found HERE, using the instructions from THIS video by Bonnie Krebs.  THIS is the video I first saw, and bought my stamps based on this project!!!

I used 5261 Large Birdhouse Set, 4052 Flower Set, 4051 Foliage Set, and 5258 Flowers Set 4.

This was my first attempt at watercolouring the Ai way, and so I copied the flower placements etc. used by Bonnie in the video, so that I could focus on the watercolouring part.  I had so much fun, and learned sooooo much...enough to design the first card today all on my own.

Thanks for stopping by!


Dora said...

Also a beautiful card.

Renee Matarese said...

Wow! This is so delicate and beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing it for the Art Impressions slimline challenge.


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