Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Aluminum Duct Tape Cuttlebug Christmas Cards

Whew, that was a mouthful. I couldn't justify buying Cuttlebug's Christmas Ornaments E.F. I couldn't of how I'd use it...until I thought about cutting the ornaments out. And then I remembered I had Aluminum Duct Tape...which you can buy at any hardware store...and I thought they'd make great ornaments.

Here's what the Aluminum Duct Tape looks like. It's just like tinfoil, but has adhesive on the back.Here are the two cards I made with the Christmas Ornaments E.F.. I embossed a piece of duct tape, and then cut them out. I used scissors, and for the finer cutting an X-acto knife. I loved the pop of colour with the ribbon...I just don't like the glue I used showing through...I will fix that when I make more. I coloured in the ornaments with a blue Sharpie marker.
Recipe: CTMH CS-Moonstruck, Black, Spring Iris and White Daisy, CTMH Ink-New England Ivy, CTMH SS-Autumn's Treasures, CTMH Connections Club Reward Grosgrain Ribbon, Aluminum Duct Tape, Christmas Ornaments E.F., Swirls E.F., Blue Sharpie Marker.

Here's a close-up to show how reflective the ornaments are.

I hope this inspires you to think outside the box. I like to think of how I can expand on the obvious.


Julie said...

These are neat! I love the cards, but I've been particularly looking for instructions for a similar ornament....did you make the free hanging ornaments 2 sided? That is, did you stick the tape back onto itself or onto some other, maybe heavier, paper?

And if you did... did you then emboss (press the lines of)the two sides at the same time?.. or separately , and then stick the two sides together?

I'm afraid I'm not familiar with all the things Cuttlebug does, so I don't know if it does the design inside the shape or not, so please excuse my questions if they seem clueless. Thanks for bearing with my curiosity!

Deneen said...

Hi Julie, the ornaments are only 1-sided, I stuck them right to the card.

The Cuttlebug does emboss the design inside the ornament, I just coloured it in with a Sharpie marker to make it stand out.

Hope that answers your questions, if you have any more questions, feel free to ask. That's how we all learn.

Thanks for leaving a comment,

Sheila Bennett said...

Love these embossed ornaments. That aluminum duct tape is great!

BTW, I just found your blog and subscribed to your RSS feed which is why I am reading such an old post. lol

Libby Dyson said...

These are amazing. I don't think we can get that tape here in Australia. Thanks for sharing

Mickey said...

Another thing I have to go purchase.
Wow, what a great idea!!!!!


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