Thursday, November 05, 2009

Colour Combination Book

I found the idea for this book on The Scalloped Edge. I had been using a little ring with paper swatches on them, but really, it wasn't big enough to give me a good idea of how the colours looked together.
So here is my version of a Colour Combination Book using CTMH's 60 CS colours (plus some retired colours).
Book cover: 5" x 9 5/8".
Colour swatches: 3" x 4.5".

60 pieces of CS add up to quite a bit, lol.


In the back, I added a couple of pages for RGB Values and (eventually) Copic Colours.


Paige Dolecki said...

Fabulous project! Does each section have the full 60 color spectrum?


Deneen said...

Hi Paige,yes each section holds the 60 colours.
Hope that helps. Thanks for looking.

Bernardine Joseph said...

Did you use the bind it all? What size rings did you use? By the way thanks for sharing.

Carla said...

Wow!! What a great idea!!

Deneen said...

Hi Bernardine, I did use the Bind It All for the book, except a friend did it for me as I don't have one. The rings measure 1". Hope that helps,

Bernardine Joseph said...

Yes it does help. Thank you!!! I think that's the size I already have.

Welcome to Sara Batkin's Legacies Of Love said...

This is an awesome tool - may I scraplift?

Jena said...

What a great idea! I LOVE this and may have to make one for myself - TFS!

asby-CTMH Sister said...


LOVE this book! A few questions:
*Did you use chipboard or just CS for your covers?
*Did you stack your swatches in color groups or by CTMH season?
*Did you label each swatch with its color name? How about whether it was retired?
*Do you plan to add pages as new colors are introduced? Do you think that will be easy to do?

Deneen said...

Hi there,
In answer to your questions (thanks for asking!):
*I used CTMH White Daisy CS and covered it with B&T paper,
*I stacked my colours in seasons, starting with Spring Harmony then Spring Blossom etc.,
*I did eventually label each colour, I added the retired colours after the Basic colours,
*I do plan to add the new colours in, I think it will be easy enough, just take off the wire binding, punch the holes in the new swatches (put the retired swatches in the retired colours section), and add a new wire binding...that's my plan anyways, I guess I'll find out the first time if it doesn't work.

Hopefully I answered your questions, thanks for asking. If you have any other questions, just let me know.


asby-CTMH Sister said...

Thanks so much for answering my questions. I can't wait to make one!


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