Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How I Store My Spellbinders/Dies

Hello and welcome here!  I thought I would share how I store my Spellbinders, Memory Box etc. dies. 

I was able to get someone at work to cut me a few sheets of aluminum 8.5" x 22".  I found magnet sheets (with adhesive already on the back) at Walmart, 2 came in a pack and each is 8.5" x 11".  I initially came up with the idea to use an aluminum sheet when I wondered what I could use to attach the magnet sheets to and initally I thought of a cookie sheet.  Then the idea hit me that it was a shame to cut the magnet sheet down to fit the cookie sheet, where could I possibly find aluminum to cut to the size I wanted?  Bingo, we have a Metals Lab at work!

Then I wondered how I was going to carry them.  Hello Pinterest!  I saw a post on making a duct tape purse, so I just made a longer one to fit my sheets, and used a piece of tarp for the inside instead of cloth.  I also needed to add stronger handles because it's amazing how heavy magnet sheets can be.

I added a thin piece of paper over the magnet leaving a small border so that the paper wouldn't catch and rip and so that the dies would show up better, and I also write what it's called beside each set.

I organize my dies mainly by shape...all the circles are on one sheet, the elegant dies are on another, Memory Box are on a couple etc.

Hi, my name is all started when I wanted a way to cut out circles without using scissors, lol.

It's a little blurry, but in the photo below I have written on the paper what each one is.  I also write it on the back of each die...yep, you read right, each die.   It's the only way I can remember what they are so that I can write it down in my posts.

The sheets lean up against my hope chest, right beside my work space.

Then when I need a die, I just flip through them until I find the one I want.  I pull the sheet out and place it at the front of the pile, then when I'm done, I just stick the die back it in it's spot.  No containers or packages to fiddle with.

Here's my duct tape carrying case.

Here's what they look like inside the case.

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing how I organize and store my dies!!

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Elaine Stark said...

Genius, a great idea. I just wish I had so many dies. Elaine


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