Monday, February 08, 2010

Valentine's/Romantic Hanger Thing-ies.!?!

Oops, I did it, saw these hanging ornamental balls on someone's blog, and didn't take note of where, grrr, slap my hand. Actually, I've seen them lots of places during Christmas, but I saw a Valentine's one, and wanted to make one to show you. But you know me, if I track the link down, I'll share it with you.

Here's one I made...don'tcha just love it. I love the pearl accents, it seem to finish the ornament nicely.
And yes, you can make one with scallops! I think I'll add pearls to this one too. BUT......there is a little, itty bitty trick to it. All the scallop circles have to....yup....HAVE TO be scored in the same place. After reading the instructions below, come back and finish reading here................................'k, all done? Now this next part will make sense---(Thinner paper will work nicely for this) What I did was take 1 scalloped circle, marked, and scored it. I then took 2 scalloped circles, placed them behind the scored scallop circle, and lined up the scallops, I then scored the whole 'bunch' (with my Fiskars Rotary Trimmer scoring blade) , following the scored lines of the top scallop. I did that until all 20 were scored. Then you just line up the scallops when gluing together. I found I had to fiddle with it a bit more, but these ornaments tend to be very forgiving.


To add the pearls, I used a Glue Dot to give it a little extra hold.

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