Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thomas Kincade Cards

Sharon, from The Scrapbook Cottage, asked me to do some techniques to show off the gorgeous Thomas Kincade Stamps by Cornish Heritage Farms. So here are 2 I did for her.
The first card I used showcased chalking. It may seem overwhelming at first, but the ladies were surprised at how quick the actual colouring took.
Here are some tips...I like to chalk the lighter colours first, then chalk in the green trees and plants, select a light base colour for the wall, then take a chisel tipped paint brush and fill in some individual bricks (with different colours like brown, rust, red etc.), I also use the paint brush to fill in the areas the chalk applicator (sponge or pompom) miss. You can take a chalk eraser and add areas of highlight, for this picture there wasn't as much to highlight as some others that have clouds and grassy areas. I also use my finger to lightly rub in the chalk as I go along, I find that I don't need to seal it with anything in the end.

This is the Spotlight Technique. It's fairly straight and stamp your image on a piece of CS, now ink and stamp the area you're spotlighting (for this one it is the fisherman) on a lighter piece of CS, trim the spotlighted piece (I used an oval, you can use any shape), match it to the larger image and adhere. (Excuse the black edge, it was a new stamp pad and was very juicy, it ended up soaking in alot and making the edge jagged)

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Wow, what a beautiful card.


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