Monday, June 07, 2010

Finally!!! It let me in.

Well, I was suppose to be typing "Good morning", but Blogger was having some issues and I could not get on until now.
What I wanted to let you all know is that Heart 2 Heart Challenges posts their challenge on Monday...that's the day I usually post. So, in order not to drive myself crazy by finding out the challenge, creating a project to complete the challenge, and then posting my completed project all on the same day.......
.......I will now be posting Tuesday's and Friday's.
This at least gives me an evening to get it done. Wonderwoman I sadly am not...who'd want to wear that ridiculous outfit anyways...well, maybe for money...then again, it would be a sad, sad sight.
See ya tomorrow!
P.S. Ever wonder why I add those periods between sentences? Doesn't it just annoy! Well for some reason, more often than not, Blogger squishes my paragraphs together, and that ANNOYS me. I never know when it's gonna squish, so I play it safe and just add them all the time. {smiles}

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