Friday, September 05, 2014

Eureka!!!!!!!!! Oh bummer, lol.

Well, I've figured out why my photos went missing, lol.  Laughing is all I can do at the moment because crying will only mess up my makeup...just kidding, I don't wear makeup. 

My daughter has a tablet and she was low on memory so I told her to delete a bunch of my blog photos, really, what are they doing on your tablet anyway??  Well, low and behold, there was a reason.  So please be patient as I go through and try to figure out and reload my photos.  Lucky for me I'm a packrat and keep them in a folder once I've uploaded them.

And, laugh with me....


Maria Rodriguez. said...

I hope you can reload your pictures but, in the mean time, I'm totally laughing with you watching this clip, love how this kitty lands totally flat on the bean pillow, hilarious!

Catrick said...

Been there...done that. I had the same thing when I bought my tablet..deleted photos from my tablet and my blog photos disappeared. It took a couple of days to relink everything.


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