Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stationary/Gift Boxes for Craft Sale

Welcome here. I finally have some time to share with you some of my creations! For the past few weeks I was working hard at having a variety of items to sell at the Craft Show in the mall. Here's my table. (It's 3 photo's put together...the table wasn't really curved.)
I had 'Clearance' that I had around for a while that I wanted to move. My style has changed somewhat, and they were not as detailed as the cards I make I labelled them Clearance $2. You can see the Purses behind the containers, I was selling them for $4 (I only sold 2:( I thought they would be a hot seller.) Many, many people did comment on them. I think next time I will buy chocolates to put in them to give people an idea. I did have pretty tissue in them. The mini-purses I sold for $2, they sold well. And I had 2 containers of 'Variety' cards $4 ea. or 3 for $10.
I forgot one tag...for the Gift Boxes $1, made from Christmas Card fronts. They were a great size for Gift cards or other small items. I didn't think about having a sign until the night before...not sure what I was thinking, so I quickly made just a simple one. Next time I'll have a better one. I handmade my own business card holder (I'll show at another time). Then I had 2 containers of more $4 cards, Thinking of You (all cards had those words on them), and Masculine cards. Behind them I had my Stationary Boxes...which I'm showing you today. Because of the time put into them I was charging $5...not one of them sold. But I did 'give' one to a lady that bought over $40 worth of a thank-you. I may use that as a tool next time too. Buy $25 and choose a free Stationary Box.
I actually had more items to sell than I thought, lol. I needed another little table. I had one more container of $4 cards...Birthday & Baby cards (they had HB or Baby sayings on them). My Journals sold for $5 and I was left with only a few masculine ones. I actually had 3 containers of my $1 Christmas Cards (this photo was taken on the 2nd day...I forgot my camera on the first day), they sold very well...all but 1, cute snowman cards were gone the first day. I didn't sell 1 Stocking Gift Card Holder. Not sure if they were priced too high - $3 - or just not a good item this year.

I also had Binder Clip Photo Holders...which all sold the first day as well. I was selling them for $1. I forgot to take any pictures of them. But I have an order for 25 more, so then I will take pictures of those ones to share with you. Here are the Stationary/Gift Boxes I made. I made 2 of each style. CLICK HERE to take you to the instructions and measurements on how to make the boxes.
Not sure why it photographed greeny, but it is blue and cream (Colonial White).
Again it photographed with a green tinge...I think because it was bigger and sitting slightly ahead of the lights.
This really is cream, purple and greens.
This is cream and pinks.
This is cream, blue-green and yellow.
Sorry I didn't take the time to write up a recipe for each one, but if there is a particular one that you were wondering about, just let me know.
Hope you enjoyed the boxes, and seeing my Craft Show table!


Leslie said...

I don't understand why your stuff didn't sell so well. You have the most awesome stuff. Those purses were so cute.

Theresa said...

Wow, you have been busy. I hope you made lots of money. We have to fund our addiction some way, don't we? I really like your gift boxes. Thanks for the link to make them. I think I will make some for Christmas prezzies and fill them with stationery after I find some good clip art to print off.
Thanks for sharing.
Theresa in Kitimat

Romaine said...

The boxes are adorable! Amazing how one year something sells and another, does not. It can be so hard to predict!

sucor said...

Your boxes are gorgeous!

Macrosoft said...

I like the stationary gift boxes. Design is looking good. Great attractive.

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