Tuesday, April 19, 2011

THANK-YOU Blog Candy:)

THANK-YOU so much for visiting my blog, again and again!!!!!!

I've reached 100,000 hits...it quietly came and went, I noticed it but didn't have the time to get my candy together then. I have it for you now, and you're all invited to enter. You don't have to do anything but add your name below...I don't mind if you decide to become a Follower though:)


Here's the candy I'm offering in celebration of 100,000 hits.

Open Apr. 19-30, 2011

Some interesting stats:
July 9, 2008 - date I started my blog.
217 - posts to date.
32 - Highest number of comments on 1 post (not including blog candy comments).
July 10, 2010 - Reached 50,000 hits
Apr. 2011 - Reached 100,000 hits

Here's the breakdown of the Blog Candy:


Just click on the Blue Froggy below to add your information. This is my first time using it, so hopefully it will work, lol. I think I made it work so you can still enter your name if you don't have a blog.


Link closes Apr. 30 12:00pm EST.

Thanks again for taking time to stop by and check out my creations!


Lorrinda said...

Congratulations Deneen! I am now viewing your blog in my google reader, (so I never miss a post!),so not sure if that counts towards page hits.
Your blog has been such a source of inspiration for me, and I have made good use of the templates you have so generously shared, Thank YOU! Here's to the next 100,000 hits :) Girlfriend, YOU ROCK!

Wende said...

Congratulations. I hav been following for quite some time, hey, google reader is the bomb. I enjoy each and everyone of your posts. Thanks for the chance to win.

Dorcas said...

Way to go Doreen! Well deserved!

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog and designs. :)

Cindy said...

Love your cards you do awesome work,thanks for the chance to win some yummy candy.....

Tracee said...

Wow such sweet candy, I have been a follower of yours for a while now and would love the chance to win. thankyou Tracee x

Romaine said...

Wow Deneen! So fab to have reached that many hits! Wow on the blog candy! Scrummy!

Поли said...

Congratulations for the blog and the beauty that you create

Deb Fortin said...

Amazing to reach 100,000 hits. I follow you through Google reader but I often come here to read your whole blog -sometimes over and over- just to gaze at all your eye candy.Yours was one of the first blogs I started following.
congrats on reaching this milestone hits.

Candy Meyers said...

Way to go. 100,000 is pretty impressive. Your blog candy is also quite impressive and generous.
I enjoy seeing your creations. Thanks loads,
Candy Meyers

Unknown said...

Congrats! I love your blog and your ideas, thanks one more time

Vicki Wizniuk said...

Congrats on your blogging milestone! I follow you through Google Reader, too, so I don't miss a thing. ;) Thanks for the chance to win your blog candy!

Catrick said...

Congratulations on reaching 100,000. I thought it was a big deal to reach 10,000!


Cin said...

Congratulations........I love your sight. Thank you for all your inspiration and the chance to win some wonderful blog candy.

happyhome43 said...

Holy Cow ... that is some serious candy! I love following your site, you are very talented and give me many ideas to use and try new things. Congratulations!


Paula-Scrap Addict said...

Aren't you just Miss Popular?! lol Congrats girl

JOSE & LILIANA said...

Congrats! So happy for you. Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy.

Diana said...

Congratulations on continuing with your great blog. Would love to win the blog candy, thanks for the chance,

Terri said...

Wow. How awesome. Congratulations.

Anne said...

Congrats on so many hits..You have an amazing talent in the card making world.. your colouring is fantastic..
Thanks for the chance to win some amazing candy.. I have placed your candy on my right side bar here...


Sonia said...

Hi Deneen
Congrats!.. I know how you feel. You have a beautiful blog with wonderful creations.
Thanks for a chance to win this amazing blog candy.
Good Luck Everyone!

Unknown said...

I am a new follower glad I found your page I love the clothespins I just got some a week or so ago and now some great inspiration to make them look great thanks

Christina Dowty said...

Wow! 100,000 visits...I hope to achieve that someday. Congrats! Love what you do. Thanks for the opportunity to win the blog candy.

Kathy Hunter said...

Your work is awesome...I really liked the cards from "Twyla's Swap"
that you made....I learn alot...didn't know about the blog candy...I just came to see your great work! Thanks for being a creative leader! Kathy

Paula-Scrap Addict said...

Congrats on the 100,000 blog views! That is AMAZING... love your posts, here's to 250,000


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